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If your business works with construction, you deal with a lot of heavy equipment. If you want advice on how to save money on your equipment, you should check out my posts. I plan to write about everything from hiring versus buying, to troubleshooting to reduce repairs, to handling repairs yourself. I also plan to write about other aspects of heavy machinery use such as safety. I ultimately hope that my ideas guide you toward creating a leaner, more productive, more efficient, less expensive, and more profitable business. My ideas are geared toward everyone from newbies to experts in the field of construction.

From Safety to Savings: A Heavy Construction Equipment Blog


Why You Might Want to Add an Abrasive Belt Grinder to Your Equipment

Do you need to regularly grind different materials to form the exact shape you need for construction or another heavy-duty type of project? You certainly have different options out there for what type of equipment to use, but not every construction or work site needs the biggest and baddest grinding equipment on the market. In fact, there may be certain situations where you want to take a more toned-down approach. Today, plenty of people in your line of work are turning to the benefits that an abrasive belt grinder can provide.