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From Safety to Savings: A Heavy Construction Equipment Blog

Top Things To Consider When Buying Your First Forklift

by Fred Gutierrez

Do you need to get a forklift for your business operations? If so and this is your first purchase, you may not know what you need to look for in your new equipment. Perhaps you have budget concerns or simply want to get the most affordable solution to get the job done. There are some key points that you will need to keep in mind as you explore your purchasing options. 

Used or New Forklifts

As a first-time buyer, you need to ensure that you determine if there are any used forklifts available for sale. There are a variety of reasons to consider this option. You will likely spend less on a used model. Depending on the source that you purchase from, the equipment will likely have been inspected and repaired if needed. Some sellers might offer impressive warranty solutions for their used equipment. This can give you peace of mind if you have concerns about breakdowns. If your mind is made up that you will only consider new forklifts, many of these retailers have used and new options available for purchase.

Intended Use

Determine how often you will likely use the equipment. This can also be used as a determining factor for whether to buy used or new forklifts. Consider the frequency of usage and the work environment. The products that you will need the forklift to move should be taken into consideration. Also, consider whether you have energy preferences. There are electric forklifts and forklifts that require fuel. Electric models will need to be recharged to ensure that they are ready when needed. Backup batteries are recommended. Fuel-operated forklifts might be louder than electric models and cost more to maintain due to the need to replenish fuel. You will want to only consider electricity if your work environment contains sensitive products such as food or health products.


It might seem odd to consider the tires on a forklift. New forklifts will be sold with new tires. However, used models might have tires that are reaching the end of their lifespan. You will want to factor in this cost when purchasing. It is also possible that you will need to change the tires if they are the wrong type for your intended use. Forklifts that are used in a warehouse setting should have cushion tires. If the unit will be used outdoors, you should consider tires that can handle rough terrain and keep the forklift stable. Pneumatic tires are ideal for outdoor handling or if the forklift will be used indoors and outdoors.

Contact a company that offers used and new forklifts for sale to learn more.