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From Safety to Savings: A Heavy Construction Equipment Blog

Three Things You Can Do With Diamond Blades

by Fred Gutierrez

Saw blades, specifically those used with table saws and circular saws, have a wide range of options. There is no one universal saw blade for every construction task, but if there was, it would be a diamond blade. Diamond blades literally have crushed diamond dust on the blade edges in order to give your saw a powerful cutting edge. If that alone does not pique your curiosity, maybe three other things that you can do with diamond blades will.

Diamond Blades Can Cut Concrete and Cement 

Many of the specialty saws used to cut concrete and cement slabs use diamond blades. The diamond blades cut through these tough slabs like a knife through bread. They stay strong all the way through, and the diamond-coated teeth never break or go flying while cutting. These are some seriously heavy duty power saws, and the diamond blades only make them that much stronger.

Diamond Blades Can Cut Steel

If you thought that blades that could cut concrete and cement were cool, those same blades can cut steel. You need to get through an I-beam or several rods of rebar? Diamond-blade it! In fact, you might think that this use of the blades is so cool, you may even look for excuses to cut steel just for the sheer fun of it. It is also very useful for cutting sheets of steel in various patterned forms for decorative purposes, a fact which may be useful to you when a client is looking for something unique to add to the building you just built for him/her.

Old and Slightly Used Diamond Blades Are Valuable

It goes without saying that even crushed diamonds are valuable. The diamond dust on every tooth of the saw blades you have is worth something. It is definitely worth more than any other types of saw blades you can buy. If you retire from the construction business and have several old and/or slightly used diamond blades, you can sell them to a pawn shop for a decent chunk of change. The pawn shops have outlets for these blades, which often include construction companies looking for cheaper blades and diamond recyclers who are able to remove the diamond dust and use it for other things. As for the blades themselves, they are steel or some other metal alloy that, without the diamond crusts, are recyclable via the metal recycling plants near you.

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