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From Safety to Savings: A Heavy Construction Equipment Blog

How To Purchase Your First Forklift

by Fred Gutierrez

If your business is in need of a forklift, be prepared to do quite a bit of research. You cannot purchase a forklift without taking many things into consideration, including the following:

Where Will You Use The Forklift?

One thing you need to think about is where you intent to use the forklift. Is your warehouse inside, or will you be using it outdoors? Or, will you use it both inside and outside?  If you plan to use your forklift on anything other than smooth cement, you should consider purchasing a pneumatic forklift. Keep in mind that pneumatics are more costly and can alter your turning radius, but it is the best option. If you are only using it indoors, a non-pneumatic model will be sufficient.

How Much Room Do You Have?

Another consideration is the space in which you will use the forklift. If you have narrow aisles, a three-wheel electric forklift is the best option. It will be the most narrow of all forklift options, allowing you to get into very slim aisles of inventory without disturbing other pallets.

How Long Will You Use The Forklift Each Day?

If you are trying to decide between a used forklift and a new one, you also need to think about how many hours in a day you will use your forklift. If you plan to use it more than a few hours per day, a new forklift is going to be a better option. However, sporadic use throughout the day can be handled by a used unit.

Which Dealer Is Best?

Once you know what type of forklift you are looking for, it is time to choose a dealer. Most dealers should offer a positive experience, but it never hurts to do research so that you can compare prices, policies, and service options. Pick up to three dealers and make your decision from there.

Something to consider when choosing a dealer is whether or not they do their own maintenance. A reputable dealer will offer in-house service. It is not unusual for a forklift to break down on occasion, but regular maintenance at the dealer will offer some prevention. Using a local dealer that will do the work is a satisfying notion and a very valuable asset.

When you are choosing a forklift, always work closely with the dealer. A great dealer will have all the assets needed to best support you so that your forklift will remain operable for years to come.